Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In search of the perfect loaf

Bread baking in the oven has got to be one of the most amazing smells hasn't it? I'm currently trying to master bread baking as we're noticing our food bills rising steadily and it's so cost effective to make your own, not to mention how much better for you it is, and how much nicer it tastes, AND that smell - mmmm.

So this is a quick loaf, made with milk and a little butter to keep the crumb nice and soft, the loaf will actually keep for a couple of days and it's equally delicious as rolls. Here come the obligatory pics....

Ingredients at the ready. All the kneading is courtesy of my Kenwood Titanium, I'd be lost without it.

Dough silky smooth, the kitchen was warm enough to help it rise.

Risen and ready for the oven.

40 minutes later (perhaps a little too well risen!)


A lovely moist crumb and nice crust.

Close up of the loaf.

 Lunch is ready! The chutney was made by my husband's lovely Granny, it's Red Tomato.

If anyone has a fabulous bread recipe I can try do let me know! xx


  1. Hi Lila, this looks amazing, especially for a first effort! I've just found a fantastic no-knead miracle bread recipe and will be posting about it in a couple of days. But yours looks better! What's the recipe?

  2. No knead? Sounds amazing if it works! The recipe is from Nigella Feast. If you can't find it do let me know and I'll forward it to you. I use the lesser amount of flour. I think the recipe is called something like 'soft dinner rolls' x