Sunday, 14 August 2011

Vintage style wedding cake

So, after I spent HOURS meticulously painting the piped detail on this cake with gold lustre my husband says 'it's a bit gold, did you say gold to the customer?' and I was all, 'yeah, definately'. Then I started thinking, maybe I didn't say gold, oh crap what if I didn't say gold... After checking through my orders and many emails I realised I had totally invented this gold piping and I'd just said I'd lustre it, no mention of gold whatsoever. Great. It was midnight and the cake was being collected the next day. I spent until 4.30am going over the gold with white satin dust to tone it down, and although it's still looking very gold in the photos it was much more mellow than that in real life! Anyway, crisis averted and the customer was happy - the cake looked gorgeous.
The piped detail is to match the embroidery of the brides dress and the roses are sugar.
If anyone is interested I'm considering doing a photo tutorial of how I make my roses. I've got no cakes on the horizon (we're working on the kitchen) so have plenty of time.