Thursday, 28 October 2010

Autumn cooking & Halloween cupcakes

I might have not updated for a week or so, but I have been so busy preparing for Halloween & Christmas, and entertaining my girls through half term. We've had a lovely week together just being at home and catching up, it's lovely to have a week with no after school clubs to taxi to & from! Lots of photos have been taken but they've only just made it onto the computer, I've only chosen a few for you.

We don't usually do much to mark Halloween but this year we're going to a firework display on the Saturday and we'll do some lantern carving and walk in the forest on Sunday. I made some cute cuppies for the kids, the picture above is them naked, just a smear of vanilla buttercream.

Here's the result, I love how they turned out. I spent the afternoon making these and the girls made their own versions out of Play-Doh, so cute.

I wanted to include a couple of shots of bread rolls made from the same recipe the loaf was made from a month or so ago, it's such a versatile recipe, by Nigella you can read it here.
And with lovely spiced squash soup

Finally I baked my Christmas cake, here it is ready for the oven, watch this space for the cake in all it's beautifully decorated glory some when in December.

Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. Love the cupcakes - and you've made your Christmas cake already? I feel so behind!
    P.S My Halloween cupcakes WOULD be v good for Christmas - am just eating one and thinking that some dark chocolate chunks would be a very OTT festive touch...

  2. Hey, you have been busy. Love your cupcakes, they are wonderfully decorated and I love that mix of orange and brown. Well done for getting your Christmas Cake done.