Sunday, 4 September 2011

Really Chocolatey Birthday Cake

Our house smelled AMAZING while this cake was sitting on the worktop. The icing is chocolate, as are the roses, fans and other decorations. The only bits that I didn't make from chocolate were the hearts.

I designed this for my sister-in-law's 30th birthday instead of a gift. I'm never quite sure what to buy for people, hopefully this was a good substitute. The top tier was Baileys chocolate, the bottom was just chocolate mud cake with white chocolate frosting.

I loved making this cake - it was finished earlier than usual too which means I'm working faster. Typically though it's been really warm here for the past few days and all the chocolate + heat Do. Not. Mix. I was cutting out petals, putting them in the fridge. Thinning petals, putting them in the fridge. Rolling the centres, putting them in the fridge. You get the picture - there was a lot of waiting for things to chill! Next time I do a chocolate cake it will (hopefully) be in December.

I should be back next week with something else. Apologies for the sporadic posting - I only post when I have something pretty to talk about.