Friday, 18 March 2011

Farm Birthday Cake

This lovely cake was made for a little girl's 3rd birthday. The request was for a girly farm cake, hopefully it's feminine enough for her!
Sometimes I get asked to design a really fun cake that's so pleasurable to make & this was one of those, I keep going out to the kitchen to look at it, I'm going to have separation anxiety  once I've delivered it this evening!
The only actual request was for a black cat, the rest was entirely up to me, the cows were inspired by Kylie Lambert's fabulous models
Here come the close ups!
 I positioned the sheep at the back so he was peering round the corner, I love him!

 I edged some of the roses with glitter to add some sparkle.
 Apple trees and hills.


  1. That's just amazing! You obviously have the patience of a saint, this must have taken you forever to do.. well done, it's absolutely wonderful...and I would have separation anxiety aswell! Lucky you have some nice shots of it for keeps. J x

  2. It was a really lovely one to make & made even better because Lola's dad uploaded pics to Facebook to say how pleased he was with it - so lovely to get nice feedback from people.
    Thanks for your lovely comment :) x

  3. Hello,its a fantastic cake and i would like to it for my daughter too!!Could you please tell me the measurments of the pan cakes you ve used.