Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Butterfly Birthday Cake

Here's the cake that put the butterflies made in my earlier tutorial to use, I love this cake - the simple ones are usually the best aren't they?
This was my daughter's official birthday cake, she had two this year but we won't be making a habit of it! It was so much work, we threw her a party at home for the first time, usually I happily pay up and hire a big hall or soft play place - this is definitely the easy option!! It was a lovely day though, we did cupcake decorating and name necklace making on top of the usual party games & party tea, exhausted is not a strong enough word for how I felt after all the girls had gone home! I anticipate the time when they're old enough for a sleepover, feed them a couple of pizzas, hire a few DVDs and camp out in the kitchen with a book, my kind of party!
My next project is making a sugar peony, if anyone has any tips I would really appreciate it! I don't even know where to start.....


  1. sooo cute! i love your royal icing butterflies... i have yet to try this technique because it SCARES me.. but you did a nice job showing the tutorial below. they seem like they would be quite delicate .. did any break on the way?

    i've only made a few sugar flowers, like the realistic type using gumpaste. i would say google a tutorial on it, there's got to be some good ones out there! i do recall using the ball tool to roll along the edges of each petal, and setting everything to dry before putting it together. definitely something i want to work on too!


  2. Wowee! That's a gorgeous cake! I really love your cake decorating...so pretty!
    Making butterflies is one of my favourite ways to decorate. It's so easy! You did a fantastic job!

  3. These butterflies look so beautifull ... I had always wanted to get into cake icing and now I am inspired ... thank you for the wonderful tutorial

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  4. I've just finished decorating the wings of my butterflies after following your tutorial. I think they look cute although a bit wobbly! I was just going to add them to a single tier square sponge and then I looked at yours (gorgeous) - think I'm going to have to keep practising :)