Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cornish pasties

I like fun food on Sundays, nothing that's too much effort but delicious all the same so when my husband mentioned he was craving a Cornish pasty I happily obliged!

We made at least double of the filling so we could freeze some, it's well seasoned, cubed braising steak, potatoes, onions and swede. We gently cooked the steak for a couple of hours before adding the vegetables so the filling would be lovely and soft.
 All inside an all butter rough puff pastry casing
Folded over and crimped together before egg washing & baking, here's the end result, alongside a happy husband!
Pasties were originally designed to give manual workers a hot lunch, miners and fisherman would take a pasty to work in the morning as the pastry would keep the filling warm, and as it was generally carried in a pocket it kept them warm too. It is said that workers with dirty hands would eat the pasty while holding the edge and then discard the crust. Apparently there would often be a meat filling in one end and a sweet, fruit filling in the other, I'm not too interested in trying that combination out!

This weekend has been really lovely, bonfire night celebrations are still in full swing here so there are fireworks going off all the time. We went to a fabulous bonfire party last night at a friends, they have an amazing garden with an old Rayburn (an old fashioned range oven that runs on wood) in it which they use as an outside oven, such a fab alternative to a barbecue! We had chili, soup and a Polish cabbage based dish. I baked brownies but totally forgot to photograph them, the amount of times I do this is unbelievable!

Then today we went shopping and I found this lovely cake stand in a shop full of random items, I'd never usually think to look inside but I'll definately be looking out in there in future, I love it!
You can customise it by changing the ribbon, I love the detail on the stand.

Did you have a good weekend?


  1. This is one of my dreams to buy such lovely cake stand. I have no idea where they selling it in UK :(